Sophie + Andrew Wedding Day

Sophie and Andrew got married at the beautiful Wilson College Campus in Chambersburg PA.  They had an indoor ceremony at the chapel on campus and the reception was a massive white tent which was beautifully decorated in Sopie-glam style.  The rain in the forcast did not dampen anyones spirit and when the storm rolled in during the ceremony, the thunder made it all very theatrical!  Enjoy a few of my favorite pics of their special day!

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Sweet 16 + Mother & Daughter

Our sweet friends Julita & Julanie came to visit us from Cape Town, South Africa this summer!  Julanie turned 16 so I decided to do a photo shoot with her beautiful mother while she was visiting here.  Julanie loves music and has a voice like an angel.  She also makes amazing cupcakes and has her own biz in Cape Town!  Check out her lovely pics and leave her some comment love! 

LaurenB - Gorgeous mother and daughter!! I am loving that golden sunshine setting the images on fire. ♡♡ Looks like it was a really fun shoot!

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My Backyard

I could blog everyday for a month and still not get caught up on all the beautiful people I have been photographing this year.  But I need to start somewhere SO I decided to start in my backyard.  Over the years some of my favorite pictures have been taken in my backyard, here are a few that I took this year of my children.

Jessica Fike - Same here. I could also blog for a month and still not be caught up. ‘Tis life as a business owner and mama, right? LOVE these pics of your kiddos! I think they’d look great in a collage on your wall. :)

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