LIFE Stories: Courtney + Joe

Courtney and Joe are the sweetest:)  and Courtney is one of my dearest friends.   We’ve known each other for about 4 years now since I walked up to her and said “Hi Tina Fey, I’m Selena”  – I swear she looked sooo much like Tina Fey that day.  She is an amazing photographer {You may have heard of the famous Courtney Reese Photography}  and I’m so blessed to know her.   I’m sad to say that that they will be relocating to Raliegh NC in April and I’m going to really miss her.

Courtney and Joe decided that they wanted to do a  Life Stories session with me at the end of last year.  They bought this house 5 years ago when they got married and slowly remodeled it over the years to suit them.  They raised their sweet puppy Piper in this house and this house will always hold a special place in their heart.  Their house in Hagerstown MD is adorable and it’s actually for sale right now!  If you love these pictures and you are in the market for a house,  you should probably just go buy this one!

…. waking up, snuggles, reading, get ready, sharing the bathroom mirror, loving on piper, hot sun streaming in the front door….

….the perfect cup of coffee, planning the day, couch time, photography, taking Piper on a walk…


heidi roseman - Selena. This. Your friends must have just bawled their eyes out at how lovely this story is. In fact, I bet they won’t even move away from you now :) Amazing job!

Hope - LOVE these! Awesome job Selena and I love your style Court :) And yes, we are definitely going to miss you!!! xoxo

Tara Peddicord - I love love love this!!

Aunt Laurie, a.k.a. "Auntie B" ;-) - Great pictures!! Beautiful people and home!!!

julie N - just lovely! I also grew up around Courtney. Such a blessed couple! You captured the pictures very well!

Christy - What a sweet couple and beautiful home. This is a beautiful, beautiful collection of images that will always be treasured.

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