LIFE Stories: Blankenship Family

They say a year changes everything… well 2013 was one of those big CHANGE years for the this adorable family.  Meet the Blankenships (My sister Sherah, brother-in-law Josh, nephew Elias and my niece Maelynn).  Here is just a couple highlights from the Blankenship year of 2013: Elias turned 1, Josh and Sherah sold their first house, bought a second house, totally remodeled that, and added baby Maelynn to their family.  It was all as crazy and as sweet as it sounds.   A LIFE Story Session was just what Josh & Sherah needed to capture this special time in their lives.  Selena J Photography is so excited to announce this new product available in 2014!  Stay tuned for more information about LIFE sessions.

…. waking up, baby breath, changing diapers, pancakes, hot coffee, juice in the sippy, mickey mouse on the laptop….

….planning the day, cleaning up from breakfast, fixing hair, makeup, changing clothes, photoshoot outside…


LIFE Story: A custom session to capture your everyday life
because time really does go too fast.

Jen D - I absolutely LOVE this idea of a life story session!!! And you of course do an amazing job as always!!

Courtney Reese - I’m totally in love with this session! ps. I want Sherah’s house!

cat - That is beautiful and as always Selena you do an amazing job of capturing life and beauty!

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Blankenship Family: First Shoot of the Year!

First shoot of the year… first blog of the year. I’m just going to go ahead and put it out there that I will be better at blogging this year!! Meet the Blankenship family. They are very special to me because my sister married in to this family! I’m so thankful that she has a good bunch of people to spend the rest of her life with:)

Courtney Reese - Yay for blogging! :) Love this session!

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