New PROMO Video for Selena J Photography!

Hey everyone, I’m so excited to release my first ever Promo Video!  Check it out below!

I just have to give special thanks to Mwita from Mwendo for putting this together for me.  He did AMAZING!  He also does weddings and other promo videos so please check him and use him for your upcoming projects – he’s so worth it!

I also need to thank the following people who made appearances in this video and where willing to be there on such a short notice: Jadon, Ashria, Jesi, Elias, Madison, Mike, Sherah & Josh.  You all are gorgeous and amazing and I’m so privileged that you believe in me.  And to my husband.. thanks, even though you declined to be in the video you were always behind the scenes and you are gorgeous and amazing too:)

Jen Delgado… Thank you so much for helping me with the script and music selection!  You are so brilliant!

Here’s a few behind the scenes pics:


Abby Hart - I LOVE it Selena! You look AMAZING! Great job to everyone involved!

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Landon B – 9 Months Old!

I cant believe Landon in 9 months old already!  Crawling around like such a big boy.  He still doesnt think that I’m very cool.  But that’s ok, I still have hopes that one day he will willingly smile for me:)  I love his smile AND his serious face.

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